"Whether we are working with individuals, partnerships, or institutional owners of medical office buildings, we take great pride in our ability, as a seasoned and well-capitalized buyer, to craft timely transactions designed to meet the financial requirements of all parties," -  Mark M. Mullen, Chief Operating Officer


KMP has the skills, commitment, and capital to acquire a broad range of medical investments. Whether those acquisitions involve the purchase of one or more medical office buildings, joint venture development projects, or the purchase of existing debt, or complex partnerships with healthcare organizations and physician groups, we have the expertise and resources to make it happen.

KMP focuses most of its investment activities in California, the Mid-Atlantic and other Western states. However, we are opportunistic and have the flexibility to pursue the right opportunities in any market in the country.

Capital, Capability & Experience

KMP, its affiliates and senior management team have been involved with more than $1.6 billion of real estate transactions and their related financing components since the early 1990s. Our executives and acquisition team know how to get deals done. We have extensive and successful transactional experience working with REITs, institutional investors, syndicated private equity, and individual investors. We have the know-how to acquire, finance, improve, manage and sell real estate investments, and a proven track record of delivering very competitive returns to our investment partners.

If you have medical or medical related real estate investments that you wish to fully or partially monetize in one form or another, whether it is through a sale, restructuring, or joint venture, please give us a call.

If you are a developer looking for an equity partner who can bring more than just capital to your project, we may be able to help you realize your development goals.


  • Properties ranging in price from $5 M to $30 M +.
  • Properties located on, adjacent to or in close proximity to hospital campuses or regional health centers.
  • ASCs, oncology centers, orthopedic centers, radiology centers or other specialty healthcare facilities.
  • Primary regions of focus are the Southwest, West, California, and Mid-Atlantic. However, we will pursue other opportunities if they display unique or compelling fundamentals.
  • Compelling development opportunities within our core regions of geographic focus.