"Our team's diverse range of backgrounds and talents allows us to take a creative approach to our medical office investments and ultimately provide better returns for our investors."
-  Jim Klingbeil, Jr., President

Leadership Team

KMP's team consists of a talented team of seasoned real estate professionals. Having the right team in place and creating a multi-disciplinary approach to the daily operations allows us to stay focused on operating buildings that tenants value and thus, create positive returns.

James D. Klingbeil

James D. Klingbeil, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Klingbeil founded the Klingbeil Organization in 1959 and is currently the Chairman and CEO of Klingbeil Capital Management Ltd, which acts as the asset manager for multifamily investment funds as well as other Klingbeil family investments. The Klingbeil Organization is engaged in nearly every aspect of real estate investment, development, construction and management and has been since its inception. Mr. Klingbeil plays an integral role in the strategic vision of KMP and continues to oversee the company's expansion into medical office real estate.

James D. Klingbeil, Jr.

James D. Klingbeil, Jr., President

Jim has been extensively involved with the formation of the Klingbeil Organization medical office business plan and the acquisition, repositioning, management and partial disposition of $100 million of medical office buildings since 2004. He is an Executive Vice President of Klingbeil Capital Management Ltd and is a managing director of Fox Point, Ltd., an affiliated investment entity. In his capacity with Fox Point and its affiliates, he has been involved with the development of a broad array of real estate projects across the United States.

Mark M. Mullen

Mark M. Mullen, Esq., Chief Operating Officer

Mark is a principal and co-founder of Klingbeil Medical Partners, LLC, a privately held medical property investment and development company. Prior to assuming COO duties in July 2011, he held the position of Chief Acquisitions Officer for the organization and retains those responsibilities. Since the Klingbeil organization began investing in the medical office sector, Mark has been involved with the direction and oversight of the acquisition, repositioning, operation, management and partial disposition of approximately $100 million of medical office assets comprised of 15 properties and 530,000 square feet. He joined the Klingbeil Organization in 2003.

Kevin Kaz

Kevin Kaz, Chief Financial Officer

Kevin has been with the Klingbeil Organization since 1994. In the last fifteen years, he has been instrumental in the underwriting and assessment of $1.35 billion in commercial real estate acquisitions including $100 million of medical office buildings. He has also arranged financings in excess of $885 million during that time. He is responsible for the structuring of all debt which ranges from single asset financings to cross-collateralized, multi-asset structured credit facilities.

Kasey Stevens

Kasey Stevens, Vice President - Financial Analyst

Kasey has been with Klingbeil Capital Management Ltd since 2005 and is responsible for all of the underwriting and financial analysis in connection with acquisitions of both multifamily and medical office buildings. Kasey plays a vital role in our due diligence process through his extensive financial experience.

Lisa Aguirre

Lisa Aguirre, Asset Manager/Senior Property Manager

Lisa serves as the Senior Property Manager for our Southern California medical office portfolio. She has more than fourteen years of experience in property management with specific experience in medical office building management. Lisa has worked with both individual owners as well as corporate healthcare clients to oversee 134 medical tenants and in excess of 445,000 square feet of medical property. Lisa is skilled in tenant relations, lease negotiations, overseeing suite construction and tenant improvements. She consistently adds value to the properties within her portfolio.

Brady Ehrhardt

Brady Ehrhardt, Construction Manager

Brady serves as the construction manager for a variety of entities of Klingbeil Capital Management Ltd. In his role with KMP, Brady oversees capital improvements for the medical office portfolio and large complex, tenant build outs. Prior to KMP, Brady worked in a variety of construction positions over the last 20 years.

Brett Bickley

Brett Bickley, Controller

Brett holds the position of national controller and has been with Klingbeil Capital Management Ltd since 2004. Brett oversees the accounting operations out of our Midwest office. He is a CPA with over 20 years of accounting experience specializing in real estate management.