"KMP's investment philosophy is anchored in the belief that buying well located properties in markets with high barriers to entry yields our investors the best risk adjusted return on their capital. We also believe that co-investing, shoulder to shoulder, with our partners is essential to keeping their interests and our interests mutually aligned. " -  Jim Klingbeil Sr., Chairman

Investment Philosophy

KMP continually strives to deliver highly competitive, risk adjusted returns to our investors and partners. KMP's senior management team has a long and successful track record of acting as fiduciaries for some of the most sophisticated institutional investors in the United States.

KMP philosophyWe are committed to acquiring well located healthcare real estate possessing strong fundamentals. Our philosophy has been to acquire assets that are located in markets with high barriers to entry, supply constraints and compelling demographics. Our acquisition efforts are focused on properties located on or adjacent to hospital campuses, or off campus buildings anchored by a significant healthcare service provider; such as surgery centers, oncology centers and radiology centers. We are well versed in rolling up our sleeves and "digging in" to well located, distressed properties we believe will offer superior reposition opportunities.

If you would like to talk to us about KMP's investment philosophy please call or email Mark M. Mullen at 415-398-0106 (ext 22) (mmullen@kmpre.com).

The Fundamentals
We also believe that philosophy only carries you so far if it is not backed up by the ability to operate effectively and efficiently.

We know how to execute, and to us that means we can never lose sight of doing five things extremely well when it comes to completing the investment cycle:
  • Buy it Right
  • Finance it Right
  • Fix it Right
  • Run it Right
  • Sell it Right