"Whether we are working with individuals, partnerships, or institutional owners of medical office buildings, we take great pride in our ability, as a seasoned and well-capitalized buyer, to craft timely transactions designed to meet the financial requirements of all parties," -  Mark M. Mullen, Chief Operating Officer


Property Map Corona Community Medical Center Gateway Medical Building Governor's Place Professional Building Scottsdale Medical Pavilion Tustin Medical Arts Center Concord Medical Plaza Lewis Medical Center
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We believe in buying in the right markets, and further, in the right locations within those markets, and then empowering our teams to develop focused tenant-centric management plans for each new acquisition. Execution and follow-through on these things have been and will continue to be key factors in our success.

We primarily focus our acquisitions efforts on California, the West, the Southwest, and the Mid-Atlantic. However, we will pursue other opportunities if they display compelling investment fundamentals.

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